currently (2022-2023) visiting researcher at the Department of Artificial Intelligence/CT3 at Josef Štefan Instute (IRCAI) and University of Nova Gorica.

adjunct professor at the School of Education at the University of Brasília. where I am chairholder, UNESCO Chair in Distance Education and editor of the open access journal Linhas Críticas. member of the scientific board of ONDA: National Observatory for Copyright.

previously, coordinated the distance education bachelors program in Pedagogy (Open University of Brazil). I was at NIED/Unicamp where I was researcher, and later, coordinator. when at Unicamp, I started and chaired the UNESCO Chair in Open Education (2014-2018).

I was visiting fellow at the University of Wollongong (2007), Stanford University (2014), and visiting professor at Utah State University (2014-2015).

I currently teach at the Masters in Leadership in Open Education at the Univeristy of Nova Gorica (Slovenia); am part of the Advisory Board of the UNESCO / IGF Dynamic Coalition for OER and of the Open Education for a Better World Program.


academia should be a place of intervention. I am very proud to be one of the founders of the Open Education Initiative (CNPq), an activist research group (@iniciativaea). in 2018 we were selected as the best open policy initiative in the planet by OEC.

for a long time, anything I am first author on has to be open access, almost always diamond. APCs (2000-2500 EUR/USD) which are the equivalent of 9 months of basic income in Brazil are not morally justifiable.

I agree with misunderstood behaviorists that given the right conditions, everyone can learn (Richard West). I also believe in an open education that brings back old principles of hybrid learning and progressivism, particularly redundancy and horizontality (Mike Orey).

a bit more

you can find my academic work in Zotero, but also ORCID and Lattes.

I use and promote free and open source software, like Mastodon.

and a final note, please do not be offended: I usually write in small caps on purpose (bell hooks, valter hugo mãe); and I make use of semicolons.